curitorial Project



Participatory Exhibition & Event 2019 with artists: Gregor Kasper, Marisa Benjamin and the members and neighbors of Psychosocial Initiative Moabit

Ortstermin is an art festival in Moabit, in the Hansa Quarter, in the city of Berlin, with exhibitions, open studios and events. During the Ortstermin the space of Treffenpunt Waldstraße, run by the Psychosocial Initiative Moabit - that promotes the mental health of the inhabitants in the residential area - was transformed into an exhibition space.

For Ortstermin 19, I designed the space to be interactive with participatory events inviting the visitors to enter a dialogue with each other and with our non-humen surroundings. Four months prior to the exhibition, I iniciated an on-going program to engage the neighbors of the Treffenpunt Waldstraße to work together with the members of the Psychosocial Initiative Moabit to take care of a flowerbed on Waldstraße. The plants were later also integrated with the participatory workshop during the event.These participatory artistic events acted as a mediator to emphasize the connection of the people with the place. The discursive and interactive format of the workshops were in keeping with the framework of the Psychosocial Initiative Moabit.