In Asia, feminism is generally understood as a Western concept. Although historically feminist thought and action in Asia have always been present, Asian women and feminists are considered as absent from feminist knowledge production. Feminist practice in Asia and by Asian diasporas in the West intertwine with anti-colonial and anti-imperialist movements, profoundly influencing feminist practice and knowledge production as well as the localisation of feminism in Asia.  
AFSAR- Asian Feminist Studio for Art and Research functions as an experimental space for artistic practice and knowledge production beyond dominant feminist narratives.

The prefixing Asian set out a task for us to speculatively develop the notion of Asian Feminism, meanwhile the core task of Asian feminism focuses on rewriting and appealing for knowledge production to alternate the circumstances that are faced by third world women. It is a position that is taken by those of us who actively positioned ourselves in proximity to the notion of Asia. Asia is already heavily loaded with geopolitical connotations. We hope that through this project we can contribute to the reassessment of the notion of Asia.