Newspaper for Exhibition “Tunnel below/Skyjacking above: Deconstructing the Border”

in nGbK

Project Group:
Alexandra Camara, Margarita Garcia, Lisa Glauer, Jan Lemitz, Nina Lundström

Tunnel below / Skyjacking above focuses on the flashpoints of conflict around the shifting barriers of Fortress Europe and the contested ‘line’ between North and South at the US/ Mexico border. Official narratives of economic disaster, the extension of war zones and division are remarkably similar despite the ocean between the ‘old world’ and the ‘new’

‘Tunneling’ underneath the surface polarities of North/South, Citizen/Migrant and East/West, we are ‘Skyjacking’ the very idea of Border.

Tunnel –

unofficial tunnels honeycomb global borders, notably in the US/Mexico and Israel/Palestine, where they serve as clandestine routes for bodies and goods.

Ephemeral Manifestations –

a suspicion paradigm controls and contains mobility within and across tangible borders. This scenario profits from perceived threats of crime, immigration, and terrorism, deploying “global risk-management strategies”. A technical apparatus has arisen in order to filter (and block) subjects according to perceived risk rankings.

Material Production –

Militarization maintains and expands economic privilege: Mushrooming factories in Eastern Europe and the maquiladora cities at the US Border operate far from the regulations of labor and consumer protections producing masses of cheap goods at huge ecological and human cost.

Corporeal Impacts –

The impact of the contemporary Border far outreaches the barriers where some bodies are allowed to pass and others not. The contaminants from the chemicals used in production also show up in the bodies of people and workers on all sides - as they bypass borders via contaminated water and air.