Untitled (Newspaper)

Research Project in cooperation with Charité Exhibition in nGbk, Berlin
80(40) x 56cm 2017 Dimension variable
Printed in the local newspaper factory Berliner Zeitung

This project is realized in the framework of cooperation between the university of the arts Berlin and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The question arises: How can movements between knowledge and experience be communicated and how do these networks of knowledge and experience connect and interact?

The Charité campus site can be seen as a complex spatial structure.

A thick fabric of complex relations, associations and chains of action between people, environments and artifices. It inevitably over ows any map that tries to frame it because there are always more connections to be made.”
-- Eyal Weitzmann, documenta 13, Forensic Architecture, Notes from Fields and Forums, 2012

In order to connect the rich history of Charité and the present time, I concepulised a series of newspaper works which were printed by the local Berliner Zeitung printing factory. Both in the material form and association with time, the newspaper is also the carrier and embodiment of the final exhibition- a new inscription to the history of this site. Furthermore, during the exhibition period, the newspapers appeared in the exhibition space of the nGbK, the souvenir shop of the Charité Campus Mitte, the other exhibition spaces and the medical museum of Charité. It was also eventually added to the archive of the medical school.

In the exhibition space, the exhibition intentionally gave very little information about each work. Because of the material character of the newspaper, the Newspaper piles created a sculptural situation. When the visitors opened the large format of the papers, not only did the reading orientate their viewing of the exhibition, but the action resulted in a distinct perfomative scene within the exhibition space.